Impact and Results

The Youth Philanthropy Model is based off of a proven timeline that allows for the dept and intensity of authentic skill building, community engagement, and critical decisio making to occur.

Simply put, evaluation data shows that youth that participate in the Yout Philanthropy program experience the following increases in:
• public speaking and presentation skills.
• conflict resolution skills and how to work in groups to reach consensus.
• community assessment skills with a focus on the needs of other young people in their schools and neighborhoods.
• financial management skills with a focus on their role as individual “givers” in their communities.
• awareness of youth serving programs in their communities.
• real leadership skills that include program planning, meeting facilitation, organizational culture, mission development, and
group/team dynamics.


For a more detailed preview of the participants results from the 2007 program year, select any of the following links or download our 2007 Annual Report (4MB, 60+ pages)
2007 participants, service hours, points of contact
2007 participant demographics, gender, qualification for FRL
2007 participant received RFP’s and requested vs. granted funds



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