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“I’ve learned that philanthropy isn’t just using your money to support an endeavor about which you feel passionate. Just as we put hours into debating RFP’s and learning about responsibilities as grantmakers, our peers spend their time planning innovative projects that would make a difference in their community.” - Wilkes T3LC member

“Most of us came into this project with a hint of trepidatin, unsure as to what it was exactly we were going to be doing, or even if the project had any chance of success... this endeavor wasn’t about handing out money; it was about learning the values of giving back to one’s community and changing the lives of our friends, peers, and mentors for the better.” - Wilkes T3LC member

“So I finally experienced my first Youth Philanthropists meeting this past Thursday. I really had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that a group of students from my county were going to be given an amount of money, and then, we were going to decide who will be getting that money. But after the meeting and after learning more about the program, I felt so inspired about making a difference in someone's life.” - Cleveland County YGB member

“We realized that our community has A LOT of needs. I wish we could have addressed them all, but I guess we'd need a lot more money for that.” - Gaston TCGC member

“This is my 3rd year doing this and I do have to say that this gets more and more fun and exciting! We did so many fun activities and the food was the best (lol)!” - Greensboro TGC member

“I think this is a good thing to do because this helps teens to learn how to give things to another people to help them when they need help. And teens will understand how another people feel when they are judged.” - Charlotte CIS member

“I now have a better understanding of give and take and know that anything that can change a life is giving!” – Vance TWP member

“I learned how you can make a big difference by doing something little, and everyone’s voice should be heard when decided on
something.” – Davidson TUF member

Through YGA, I've learned that giving is a tri-fold process. In order to be successful, we as youth philanthropists must give our time, our talents, and our treasure. It is clear that we have no problems giving our time in YGA, considering the many hours we have spent in deliberation went deciding which groups should receive grants. Another reason why YGA is such a successful organization is because every one of our members brings a different talent. We can utilize these talents in order to achieve our potential in giving. And obviously, it is necessary to give some our of our treasure. Though we work out of an endowment every year, the more treasure we as individuals can give, the more groups we can fund and the better the community will be. Overall, being a part of YGA and the grant-making process has expanded my views on the concept of giving. I hope we can continue the good work for years to come! - Winston-Salem YGA Member

We got to decide on who we were giving our grant money to! The whole process was amazing and it was a great learning experience. Our group worked really well together about choosing who got the money. I feel like we were all in agreement about the grantees. It was tons of fun and we made alot of good choices. - Cleveland County TFC Member

On October 25,2008, over 300 youth givers from throughout North Carolina met in Greensboro for the 2008 North Carolina Youth Giving Summit. They had the stage set for an amazing day. Just the vibe when you walked in made you feel like that day would be fun. The pictures from all the different groups were on the screens and hanging up. Breakfast was great. Our group went to sit down at the tables. There were so many knick knacks scattered everywhere. Our group decided to be play-doh artists. After a few preliminary things, we had like two minutes to go around and ask all of these random people to sign our bags...fun but kind of emberassing. Next, everybody got to go to whatever workshop they wanted. A couple of my friends and I went to a workshop about games. Not really the first choice but it turned out to be fun. All the games were just different level icebreaker games. Then it was time to eat. Lunch was really good, let me just say all of the food was really good. One more workshop followed. After that, everyone got back together with their groups for a little pow wow. By the time all of that happened, it was time for the big photo shoot. Let me just say over 300 teenagers packed liked sardines was HOT!!!! But the photo turned out nice. We didn't know it but we had a surprise in store. Everyone flooded into this dimly lit, balloon-covered, disco lights room and we were all like what's happening. Then this guy comes out and starts like painting with his hands, so we just kinda amped him up. The song he was painting to was Stronger by Kanye West and in the end the painting turned out to be Kanye West with the crazy shades and all. It was amazing to see this seemingly abstract painting evolve into a portrait. David Garibaldi was so enthusiastic and so were we. Next, he painted Alicia Keys. Then, Albert Einstein except he did it upside down. Overall, this day was great and I think that everyone had so much fun!!! - Mecklenburg County TIF Member

It’s my 2nd year In YGA, or Youth Grantmakers in Action from Winston Salem, and I love it! The strong connection and chemistry our group has is amazing. It feels good to contribute to solving the problems that we as students see everyday. That’s why I love YGA. At school and in our community, we see things that need to be or could be changed. The fact that there are groups set up to give money to solve these things really shows how truly fortunate we are. I also love going to the closing ceremony when we distribute the granted money. The looks on the faces of the grantees when they’re holding those big checks is priceless. The appearance of accomplishment they have during the program really makes all the long meetings, disagreements, deliberation, and hard decisions worth while. - Winston Salem YGA Member

I want to say a huge thank you to all of you that arranged the Summit! It was so great to see that huge crowd of youth on the stairs and know that all of you guys are doing your part to make your communities and your world a better place. I had an amazing time and I cannot stop talking about David Garibaldi! That is truly one of the most wonderful presentations that I have ever witnessed - Nash/Edgecombe YES Member

We discussed where we would like to put our money to. We talked about Teen Pregnancy, recreation centers, family issues, and etc. We voted and majority of the votes chose to family issues. I think that is very important in our society. There are so many issues going on at home, that we need somewhere to relaease all of that anger. Before we voted, The group broke up in groups of 3 and discussed what we would do with that 10, 000 dollars to make someone else's life better. My group came up FREE teen counseling. I thought that was an excellent idea. Most counseling cost money, but ours was FREE! Everyone had great ideas. As far as what our group can do, We can provide the money to help a counseling center. There was alot of ideas that was on the table and I can't wait to see what we are going to do with them. - Mecklenburg County Teen Impact Fund Member



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